Are you sure you really want to do that?

We have pulao, lo mein and kebabs in our restaurant.

Keep as many as you need.

Reid heard Avery gasp.

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His country was looking for a new socio-economic system because the present one was not working too well...

The painting is not worth the price you are asking.

Why not just kill her?

I'd like to be alone if you don't mind.

My younger sister didn't say "hello."

My grandmother's nurse is very kind.

Spock suddenly felt tired.

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People can't live without air.

It's a do-or-die situation.

This patient's conditions are getting worse day after day.

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Are you ever going to tell me?


I haven't noticed any difference.

Will saw Cathryn leave.

Do you know the man that's staring at you?

I know it wasn't Erik.

A gaze can tell anything.

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Angus is going to boarding school next year.

Golf is a waste of land in such a small country as Japan.

The Durrani Empire defeated the Marathas at the Third Battle of Panipat.


I was deeply impressed with his courage.

This museum has been closed for five years.

For ages, man has been fighting against disease.


This floral arrangement is beautiful.

Edmond came out of his hiding place.

Murph has as much right to be here as Clarence does.

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I can't tell her now. It's not that simple.


Sonja is also a salesman.

Many happy returns of the day!

Both Lorenzo's parents are deaf.

What did Janos wear yesterday?

Don't tell Sandra the truth.

I'm pretty sure Irwin is bluffing.

I think he will succeed.


I don't know what Winston is waiting for.


He seemed to have been working for a long time.

I recently met him.

There was only one small problem.

Do you know why she's so angry?

You are better off without him.

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

I want you to finish your homework before you start playing games.


His name is very difficult to remember.

Don't fall in love with me.

Happy the man who can pay his own way.

He was beaten too easily.

He moved the desk to the right.

Let's endure till help comes.

Could you open the window?

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They all congratulated Shane.


She twisted a strand of hair around her finger.

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That means sure death!

I knew you'd tell me how to do it.

We haven't talked in years.

Mr Tanaka, you are wanted on the phone.

It's important to get the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio right in a compost heap.

Nobody's going to do anything to you, Lindsey.

These gloves kept her hands warm.

I successfully persuaded her and we went on a date.

Doctors' bills really cut into our savings.


I think Emma needs your help.

I'm not afraid to fight.

They want the best.

Do you have a brother?

The beauty of the sunrise was beyond description.

I'll see if I can find something to eat.

You don't want me to do that.

Seenu thought that Kris wasn't getting enough sleep.

My neighbor's house was featured in last month's issue of Architectural Digest.

You swim much better than he does.

Is there anyone we invited who hasn't come yet?

I have trouble putting up with his rude manner.

Seals are clumsy and ponderous on land, but very graceful in the water.

I miss her already.

That's what I say.

Ned raises her son as a single mother.

Do you like to watch movies?


You didn't tell Jinchao either, did you?

At this rate, the risk is high that our country's competitive position will drop even further.

It's incredible!


I feel so embarrassed.

Per used inappropriate language.

The demon is dead.

Kimberly cautiously opened the envelope.

We are to meet him at seven this evening.

Gordon keeps an extra pair of shoes in the trunk of his car.

I'm sure she'll get over her illness soon.


This textbook is intended for foreign students.

We have some things to work out.

I never asked your advice.

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I think you ought to leave.

There were times when I asked myself why I kept going.

I wish you could go with Scott.


Write her a note to thank her.

It'll be very hot tomorrow.

Can you do this any faster?

He's smarter than they are.

Turn off the lamp. I won't be able to sleep.

I hope Norm gets better.

Rudolph dyed his hair black.

Samir started crying as well.

I don't need to go to college.

The International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) was launched on July 26, 1978.

Did it go well today?

She is a woman with a classical education.

Get out of here, you dog!

I got that from them.

I don't think I have that kind of time.

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I have to beat my brains out to understand math.

This is your handbag.

The consulate helped arrange medical transport for Lum.

What a pity that he fell!

A renowned tactician, Christopher Columbus once downed an entire pirate fleet by stealing all of their fruits and vegetables, thus giving them scurvy.

You can build a camera obscura with a shoe box.

We are near awakening when we dream that we dream.

Apparently, Karl likes Alain quite a lot.

What they are doing is ruining the economy.

The girl imagines that she is a doctor.

Narendra is too drunk to drive.

We woke to terrible news this morning.

I'm dreadfully sorry.

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Sellers and buyers are anonymous and very hard to recognize.

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But I care less than naught for Zeus.

Andreas's a bright kid.

We used to do a lot of things.

Vinod told Cris that she shouldn't go there alone.

You've made us wait.

Why should I tell Ji?

It was just a dumb mistake.

I have someone I want you to meet.

Won't Suzan be jealous?


Becky was supposed to help me.

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I have to go to the doctor today.


You can't be too careful when driving a car.


Dan's autopsy revealed a surprise.

He is no good as a lawyer.

If he does that again, let the punishment be harsher, and in addition, let penance be imposed on him, but if he does that thrice, let him be executed.

He is disinclined towards Christianity.

The teacher read a passage from the Bible to the class.


I would've never guessed that Sundar was from Boston.


Are you trying to scare me or are you being serious?

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I have been warned against going there.

Do you still have my key?

My friend became accustomed to the way things were in France in those days.

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Jef didn't give me the information I requested.


Marcos thinks that everything will turn out OK.

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My father used to be a strong man.

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Parents have various influences on their children.

Farouk requested a seat over a wing.

I was at a loss for words.

I want to watch.

I turned off the TV and settled down to put the finishing touches to the report.


Lisa has been working hard the whole time.


I'm a Japanese language teacher.

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Environmental engineers on Earth were hard at work as they tried to clean up global pollution.

It is a toss-up whether to drink sake or whiskey; too much of either results equally in drunken revelry.

His hands were blue because of the cold.

Hold my hand.

I was the one who said we should give Lar another chance.